Cartagena Doors

Cartagena Doors Pinterest

Would you believe it’s worth traveling to Cartagena just to see the doors on people’s homes?

The bright and colourful doors of Cartagena’s old town perfectly encapsulate the city’s warmth, vibrancy, and long history.  For that reason, this post is a brief photo-essay focused on Cartagena’s stunning doors. Scroll down and skip the reading if you just want pretty photos!

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Why You Should Visit Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua is probably the most underrated town in West Texas. The self-proclaimed “ghost town” is nestled between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park, well removed from society. The closest town of any decent size is Presidio (pop. 4,426), nearly a two-hour drive away, meaning residents in Terlingua are generally left to their own devices.

Terlingua Ghost Town

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Horseshoe Bend Photography

Horseshoe Bend Pinterest

Where is Horseshoe Bend?

Horseshoe Bend is a famous horseshoe-shaped meander in the Colorado River near Page, Arizona. After driving 10 minutes south from Page, Arizona, you’ll see a dirt road between mileposts 544 & 545 on the west side of Highway 89. There is a small dirt parking lot and the Horseshoe Bend lookout can be accessed by walking a relatively flat 3/4 miles (~1.2kms) each way.

Horseshoe Bend Photos

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Vagar Faroe Islands

Traveling to Vagar, Faroe Islands

Almost everyone visiting the Faroe Islands will visit Vagar (Vágar in Faroese) as Vagar is home to the only airport in the Faroe Islands.

Vagar Lake

The International Airport is at the End of the Lake Read More

Santa Elena Canyon

Driving Big Bend Park • An Epic Texas Road Trip

After Sara accepted a job teaching in Odessa, Texas, the first thing we did was determine where the nearest national park was. Less than a three-hour drive south of Midland / Odessa, on the border between Texas and Mexico, lies Big Bend National Park. Big Bend is Texas’ largest National Park and the 15th largest National Park in the United States at over 800,000 acres. We spent two separate long weekends in Big Bend and this post contains my suggestions for the best driving itinerary and things to do in Big Bend.

Below is a basic map showing Big Bend’s main paved roads and the 3 main areas I’d recommend visiting in Big Bend National Park:

Big Bend Driving Map

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