31 Essential Oktoberfest Tips This list of Oktoberfest tips is based on my Munich Oktoberfest experiences in 2006, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Despite subjecting my liver to a gluttony of beer guzzling greatness, I am thankfully still alive to offer you this advice. These are things TO DO and NOT DO to make the absolute, Read More

Reykjavik Stopover

Booking a Stopover in Iceland Flying Icelandair is a great way to travel between North America and Europe. Their prices are competitive and you can book a stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional cost! In my case, I found cheap flights from Dusseldorf to Reykjavik with Lufthansa and then from Reykjavik to Berlin with Air, Read More

When I told Australian friends that Sara and I were going to Cairns, many suggested that we check out Port Douglas instead. Although it is possible to do the Great Barrier Reef from Port Douglas, it seemed much easier and cheaper to arrange from Cairns, so we decided to visit both cities and I’m happy, Read More

Singapore is my favourite city in the world for layovers and stopovers. The first reason for this is that I love both Singapore Airlines and Singapore Changi Airport and it should be no surprise that they both constantly appear on lists of top rated airlines and airports worldwide. In fact, SkyTrax has ranked Singapore, Read More