Reykjavik Stopover

Booking a Stopover in Iceland Flying Icelandair is a great way to travel between North America and Europe. Their prices are competitive and you can book a stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights at no additional cost! In my case, I found cheap flights from Dusseldorf to Reykjavik with Lufthansa and then from Reykjavik to Berlin with Air, Read More

Bonn and the History of West Germany vs East Germany Bonn, with a population of 315,000, was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany (former West Germany) and lies on the Rhine river around 20 km south of Cologne. The city remains a popular choice for large-scale exhibitions and conferences and my primary, Read More

I have always heard about Bilbao, Spain, because it is home to the beautiful Guggenheim museum. When Sara and I began exploring options for a short trip from her hometown of Valladolid, we decided a visit to Basque country was in order.

I first visited Valencia in 2007 during the America’s Cup boat races. Given that I was a young backpacker who was traveling with friends at the time, that trip was more focused on the party scene Valencia offers than its amazing architecture, culture, and food. Therefore, during my second visit to Valencia in 2013,, Read More

On my way back to work from Bahrain, I decided to take a 2 night stopover to see and experience as much of Doha as I could. Doha is not really a backpacker destination, but still offers some interesting sights and is perfectly suited for stopovers. When I arrived in Doha for my planned visit,, Read More