The Best Belgian Beers One of my main reasons for going to Belgium was to sample as many of their delicious beers as I could. As I was only there for 3 days, I think I did a pretty damn good job in my sampling, though I must admit it was a lot more, Read More

Spain is well known for its architecture and design. Although Barcelona is famous for Gaudi’s historic architectural masterpieces, if you are traveling to central or western Spain, odds are you will be traveling through Madrid. Madrid is not as known for its architecture, but it has punctuated its skyline with a number of aesthetic, Read More

Air Canada often gets bad publicity in Canada and many Canadians seem to prefer WestJet for holiday travel. My experience as a business and international traveler with Air Canada has generally been great and I would recommend Air Canada compared to other North American airline operators. I would probably choose eastern Airlines like Emirates,, Read More

I have always heard great things about Melbourne and was really looking forward to visiting the city. People have always told me that Melbourne is the “Cultural Capital” of Australia and that I could expect lots of wonderful coffee shops, independent restaurants, live music, and unique bars. After a few days in Melbourne, I, Read More

To see the West MacDonnell Range and West MacDonnell National Park, Sara and I booked an Emu Run day tour for $110 each. A map of the stops along the tour is shown below:

My second trip to Australia began in Alice Springs after narrowly catching my connecting flight from Melbourne. I had taken the direct flight from Dubai to Melbourne, which was over 14 hours long, and was unable to sleep the entire way. I made it through customs in Melbourne without a problem but fell asleep, Read More

The Hibiscus Beach Resort and Spa in Pereybere was my home for one week in Mauritius. The hotel’s website is: My goal for the trip was simply to sleep, relax, and get a bit of work done remotely. I knew in advance that Mauritius was more of a honeymoon, couples, and family destination, Read More

When I think of Australia, the first things that come to mind are beaches, deadly reptiles, and surfing. Therefore, my goal on my trip to Australia was to find beaches, avoid snakes, and learn how to surf. I found a surf camp called Surfaris (  which had everything I was looking for in a, Read More

Best German Beers

Beer to Germans is like rice to Asians – it’s a dietary staple. Germans are third in the world in per capita beer consumption, slightly behind the Czechs and the Irish. From 1516 to 1988, German beer was brewed in adherence with the Reinheitsgebot, or “German Beer Purity Law”. The law stated that the only, Read More