After a solid week of partying with friends in the Gold Coast and Brisbane I went to Fraser Island for a Cool Dingo Tour. I arranged a shuttle to Hervey Bay where I then caught the ferry over to Fraser Island for my tour. Our tour guide was absolutely amazing and our bus was, Read More

Nimbin is a hilarious little hippy town in New South Wales around an hour’s drive from Byron Bay. There are a number of tours that do day-trips to Nimbin and that is how I visited back in 2007. Nimbin is more of a village than a town and it focuses on environmentally friendly businesses, Read More

To see the West MacDonnell Range and West MacDonnell National Park, Sara and I booked an Emu Run day tour for $110 each. A map of the stops along the tour is shown below:

My second trip to Australia began in Alice Springs after narrowly catching my connecting flight from Melbourne. I had taken the direct flight from Dubai to Melbourne, which was over 14 hours long, and was unable to sleep the entire way. I made it through customs in Melbourne without a problem but fell asleep, Read More

I arrived at the USO for the start of the tour by taking the train to Samgakji station, taking exit #10, and walking toward Seoul Station until I reached the United Service Organizations (USO) office at Camp Kim’s Gate #17. From there I signed in with my passport and boarded the bus. Our tour, Read More

To get to Sarajevo from Belgrade, I took a 6.5 hour, 25€ mini-bus shuttle which arrived in Sarajevo at 3pm. The mini-bus was great as it stopped at several points to let us take in the beautiful mountain views along the drive. After being greeted by an incredibly sweet older woman at the hostel,, Read More