Click HERE to Read About My USO DMZ Tour from the Beginning Dorasan Station As part of the effort to unify North and South Korea, and to support Kaesong Industrial Park, the Gyeongui railway link was built to connect Seoul, in South Korea, with Kaesong, in North Korea with the hopes for the rail to one day, Read More

I arrived at the USO for the start of the tour by taking the train to Samgakji station, taking exit #10, and walking toward Seoul Station until I reached the United Service Organizations (USO) office at Camp Kim’s Gate #17. From there I signed in with my passport and boarded the bus. Our tour, Read More

When I first arrived at Incheon International Airport, I immediately observed countless Asian stereotypes: there was a woman taking selfies on her phone with a purpose built telescopic handle; a well organized, efficient, and clean moving walkway system; a large Asian tour group following a flag held in the air; lots of bright, hip,, Read More