31 Essential Oktoberfest Tips This list of Oktoberfest tips is based on my Munich Oktoberfest experiences in 2006, 2011, 2012, and 2013. Despite subjecting my liver to a gluttony of beer guzzling greatness, I am thankfully still alive to offer you this advice. These are things TO DO and NOT DO to make the absolute, Read More

Tirana to Kruja Day Trip

Kruja Castle Kruja, or Krujë in Albanian, is a small city perched up in the mountains 20km north of Tirana. Kruja was once the capital of the Kingdom of Albania before being conquered by the Ottoman Empire and subsequently recaptured by Skanderbeg. The Kruja fortress then became Skanderbeg’s headquarters. Skanderbeg Museum in Kruja

Tallink Silja Aland Islands

The Country of Aland Islands? The reason I enjoy following the Travelers Century Club’s list of countries is that I discover places like the Aland Islands. The Aland Islands, which in Swedish is spelled with an accented Å, as in Åland Islands, and pronounced “Oland”, is a country I had not heard of but became extremely interested, Read More

Cologne City Guide I visited Cologne twice during my stay in Aachen; the first visit was an afternoon stop on my way back to Aachen from Bonn and the second was a day trip for the famous Cologne Carnival celebration. Although I didn’t get to spend as much time in Cologne as I would have liked, this, Read More

Cologne Carnival Cologne is known to be one of the most liberal cities in Germany which is likely why the Cologne Carnival, or Kölner Karneval in German, is one of the biggest Carnival celebrations in the world. Since there has been continuously been more than one million spectators on the streets for Carnival’s Rose Monday parade each, Read More

Bonn and the History of West Germany vs East Germany Bonn, with a population of 315,000, was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany (former West Germany) and lies on the Rhine river around 20 km south of Cologne. The city remains a popular choice for large-scale exhibitions and conferences and my primary, Read More

3 Weeks in West Germany Aachen, Germany, is not typically a tourist destination, but in February 2012 I spent 3 weeks in west Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia to be exact, visiting my friend Clarissa, whom I had met in Paris the previous fall. Clarissa was attending medical school at Aachen University and I was busy finishing, Read More

The Best Belgian Beers One of my main reasons for going to Belgium was to sample as many of their delicious beers as I could. As I was only there for 3 days, I think I did a pretty damn good job in my sampling, though I must admit it was a lot more, Read More

Belgian Beer in Brussels Click HERE to Read About My Trip to Belgium From the Beginning One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Brussels after Bruges and Ghent was to visit the Delirium Cafe as it’s listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having more beers available than any other establishment, Read More