Nis (correctly spelt with an accent, Niš) is the third largest city in Serbia after Belgrade and Novi Sad. Nis has a population of around 185,000 and is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans and Europe and was considered as a gateway between the East and West since ancient times. Nis was a, Read More

Click HERE to Read from the Beginning. 14. New York After having no interest in visiting New York for a number of years due to my perception of it being a large and unfriendly city, I finally made a trip there and was very pleasantly surprised. I have always enjoyed smaller towns and villages and, Read More

Belgrade Graffiti

Belgrade, Serbia is a city that greatly exceeded my expectations. I imagined it being a concrete jungle with cold and unhelpful people given the region’s varied past. Belgrade may not have the romantic architecture of other European capitals, but that is replaced by warm, helpful, caring, and beautiful people complimented by a really nice, Read More