After a little too much partying in Lativa and Lithuania it was a real struggle for Liz and I to get to Tallinn. We decided to skip our first bus to allow me more sleep on the hostel couch in Riga while Liz did some sightseeing which cost us each around 17€. Then, since I, Read More

I awoke in Vilnius, Lithuania, just in time to run for my pre-booked bus to Riga which departed from Stotis Central Station.  The buses in the Baltic countries are excellent and my bus featured free WiFi which greatly reduced the hardship of the four and a half hour journey after a late night and short, Read More

I always knew the Baltics were well liked by Brits for stag and hen parties as well as wild weekend breaks but my intention in visiting the Baltics was for wholesome tourism. Hostels are often the most important factor in how my travel experiences play out as a good hostel usually means meeting new, Read More