The bus from Sarajevo to Mostar was absolutely beautiful. There are natural mountains and lakes and quaint stone houses just off the highway providing excellent scenery for the drive. I have read that the train from Sarajevo to Mostar is even more scenic than the highway and I hope that one day I can, Read More

To get to Sarajevo from Belgrade, I took a 6.5 hour, 25€ mini-bus shuttle which arrived in Sarajevo at 3pm. The mini-bus was great as it stopped at several points to let us take in the beautiful mountain views along the drive. After being greeted by an incredibly sweet older woman at the hostel,, Read More

Belgrade Graffiti

Belgrade, Serbia is a city that greatly exceeded my expectations. I imagined it being a concrete jungle with cold and unhelpful people given the region’s varied past. Belgrade may not have the romantic architecture of other European capitals, but that is replaced by warm, helpful, caring, and beautiful people complimented by a really nice, Read More

Islands Near Stockholm

Ever since some Swedish backpackers explained the concept behind the Scandinavian booze cruises to me in Thailand in 2006, I wanted to try one. First, it’s interesting to understand how alcohol sales work in Sweden to understand the need for booze cruises. As I know from Northern communities in Canada, alcohol abuse can be, Read More

Best German Beers

Beer to Germans is like rice to Asians – it’s a dietary staple. Germans are third in the world in per capita beer consumption, slightly behind the Czechs and the Irish. From 1516 to 1988, German beer was brewed in adherence with the Reinheitsgebot, or “German Beer Purity Law”. The law stated that the only, Read More