I have always heard about Bilbao, Spain, because it is home to the beautiful Guggenheim museum. When Sara and I began exploring options for a short trip from her hometown of Valladolid, we decided a visit to Basque country was in order.

I only recently learned that two cities on mainland Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, continue to belong to Spain, though Morocco claims the lands belong to Morocco and are thus occupied territories. I always thought it would be cool to visit one of them, just for the heck of it, so during my month in, Read More

Malaga offered me a great “home base” for working remotely and exploring Andalusia as it is a hub for a lot of bus and train routes throughout the region. Unfortunately, Ronda remains somewhat difficult and expensive to access by bus (though it is possible) so I was very happy when my buddy Frank offered, Read More

While working out of Malaga for a month, I wanted to do as many day trips as I could. An easy day trip is to Nerja, a beautiful town on the coast popular among foreigners (especially pensioners). The bus from Malaga to Nerja is easy and cheap to book through Alsa.es and the direct, Read More

Ever since my trip to Penafiel to feast on lechazo (baby lamb), I have been eager to visit Segovia to try cochinillo (baby pig). I love that Spanish can plan an entire day around eating and this day was no different as we arranged for a group to meet in Segovia for lunch. In, Read More

Spain is well known for its architecture and design. Although Barcelona is famous for Gaudi’s historic architectural masterpieces, if you are traveling to central or western Spain, odds are you will be traveling through Madrid. Madrid is not as known for its architecture, but it has punctuated its skyline with a number of aesthetic, Read More

I first visited Valencia in 2007 during the America’s Cup boat races. Given that I was a young backpacker who was traveling with friends at the time, that trip was more focused on the party scene Valencia offers than its amazing architecture, culture, and food. Therefore, during my second visit to Valencia in 2013,, Read More

One of the things I love most about the Spanish is how much food and social dining influences their lifestyle. While I was staying in Valladolid, someone suggested that we go for suckling lamb (lechazo) or suckling pig (cochinillo) for a nice meal on the weekend. After that suggestion was made, where to go and what, Read More