The Hibiscus Beach Resort and Spa in Pereybere was my home for one week in Mauritius. The hotel’s website is: My goal for the trip was simply to sleep, relax, and get a bit of work done remotely. I knew in advance that Mauritius was more of a honeymoon, couples, and family destination, Read More

I traveled to Mauritius with nothing in mind other than sun, rum, and beach fun. I read in advance that Mauritius was not really a backpacker destination and rather a place for couples, honeymooners, and retirees and this was also my impression after visiting. I decided to stay at the Hibiscus Beach Resort and, Read More

Upon arrival in Mauritius, I had to organize a transfer from the airport to Pereybere where I was staying. Mauritius’ international airport is located in the South East and Pereybere is located in the North West, making the journey a fair distance. Prior to arriving I had investigated taking a bus or shared shuttle, Read More