Best Travel Laptop 2016

Selecting the best travel laptop is tough and it all comes down to performance vs. portability vs. price. My old last laptop died last week and I spent over 30 hours researching the best travel laptops available in Q1 2016 before buying a new one. …it all comes down to performance vs. portability vs. price In this post I explain how I decided on the best, Read More

How to Pack a Backpack for Travel After nearly a decade of traveling I have learned that packing small and light is the way to go; I stick to a carry-on sized backpack for the majority of trips I do now. The only time I pack more is if I am planning to camp,, Read More

Bonn and the History of West Germany vs East Germany Bonn, with a population of 315,000, was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany (former West Germany) and lies on the Rhine river around 20 km south of Cologne. The city remains a popular choice for large-scale exhibitions and conferences and my primary, Read More

Air Canada often gets bad publicity in Canada and many Canadians seem to prefer WestJet for holiday travel. My experience as a business and international traveler with Air Canada has generally been great and I would recommend Air Canada compared to other North American airline operators. I would probably choose eastern Airlines like Emirates,, Read More

Usually when I fly from Dubai to North America, I fly via Frankfurt or Munich. I had read good online reviews about Swiss Airways as well as the Zurich Business Class Lounge so I decided I would try something different for a change and see if the Zurich Business Lounge would live up to, Read More

Airport lounges are one of the best perks available to make air travel less grueling. I actually enjoy being on a plane 36,000 feet above the worries of the world below, but hate almost everything between arriving at the airport and seeing the seat belt sign go off. I say almost because airport lounges, Read More

I have now done two road trips through New Zealand’s South Island, each for approximately 3 weeks. The South Island of New Zealand is incredible and although I would not consider myself an expert, I have learned a lot over my trips and have summarized the main things you need to know to plan your, Read More

For the first time backpacker looking for a destination that is cheap, warm, and easy to travel, there are few better options than Thailand. Thailand offers beautiful beaches, delicious food, cheap transport, cheap accommodation, and a fun backpacker atmosphere filled with both first time and experienced travelers.

#8. B is for Buckets and Beer Towers Buckets are a Thai classic that can provide excellent value for your money while saving you the hassles of waiting in line and constantly digging money out of your wet board shorts for drinks. Plus, with enough straws for everyone, they are a great way to share your drink and, Read More