Air Canada often gets bad publicity in Canada and many Canadians seem to prefer WestJet for holiday travel. My experience as a business and international traveler with Air Canada has generally been great and I would recommend Air Canada compared to other North American airline operators. I would probably choose eastern Airlines like Emirates,, Read More

Usually when I fly from Dubai to North America, I fly via Frankfurt or Munich. I had read good online reviews about Swiss Airways as well as the Zurich Business Class Lounge so I decided I would try something different for a change and see if the Zurich Business Lounge would live up to, Read More

Airport lounges are one of the best perks available to make air travel less grueling. I actually enjoy being on a plane 36,000 feet above the worries of the world below, but hate almost everything between arriving at the airport and seeing the seat belt sign go off. I say almost because airport lounges, Read More

My 20s were epic. Going through the numbers reminded me just how much I was able to accomplish in a decade, especially a decade where I was just beginning to work and save money. 311 Commercial Flights 3 Commercial Flights Missed 1 Piece of Checked Bag Lost (Later Recovered) 962,566 Kilometers (598,111 Miles) on, Read More

Remember those Choose You Own Adventure books where you could make one of two choices and depending on the choice the book would take you on a different journey? I believe the same holds true for every choice made while traveling and maintain that having a positive outlook will usually result in the best, Read More