Best Travel Laptop 2016

Selecting the best travel laptop is tough and it all comes down to performance vs. portability vs. price. My old last laptop died last week and I spent over 30 hours researching the best travel laptops available in Q1 2016 before buying a new one. …it all comes down to performance vs. portability vs. price In this post I explain how I decided on the best, Read More

Your travel backpack is essentially your home while on the road. It will contain everything that you need to live for the length of your trip. What goes into your home is obviously important, but so is the size, structure, and security. All of these considerations will apply to your backpack, just as they, Read More

Travel electronics are a very difficult thing to decide whether to carry or not. On one hand, they allow for you to communicate with your friends and family back home, work or keep up with the news, and provide entertainment when the weather is poor, you’re tired, or stuck on a long bus, train or, Read More