5 Amazing Activities in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Vic Falls Zimbabwe

I visited Victoria Falls back in 2007 but will never forget how awesome the activities were. I paid for an adventure package with Shearwater Adventures that allowed me to bungee jump, whitewater raft, and go on a helicopter tour over Victroia Falls for a relatively good price. In addition to the adrenaline activities, I also walked around the waterfall and enjoyed a sunset booze cruise which were also great experiences.

After seeing the photos below you’ll understand why I’m so eager to return to Zimbabwe!

Helicopter Ride

Even though I try to travel on a budget, I’d consider a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls a MUST. The views are incredible and it is cool to see how the Zambezi River separates Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Victoria Falls Helicopter Ride
Victoria Falls Helicopter Ride
Victoria Falls Above View
Victoria Falls Bridge
Victoria Falls Bridge

Bungee Jump

Before I started traveling I remember seeing a travel show on TV where the host was doing the Victoria Falls bungee jump. When she jumped the cord looked like it was tattered and I thought bungee jumping in Zimbabwe was one of the dumbest things you could do.

Fast-forward a few years and I am standing on the platform with and elastic band wrapped around my feet wishing I’d written a proper will.

The 111 meter (364 foot) jump is ridiculous. If you look at my Helicopter Ride photos of the Victoria Falls Bridge above you’ll see a little hut in the middle of the bridge; that is the bungee jump platform.  It was my first ever bungee and looking into the Zambezi River valley below before leaping was not the smartest thing to do.

Vic Falls Bungee
Vic Falls Bungee

The adrenaline rush of a 4 second freefall while watching the shallow river rush towards my face was insane. The initial drop was over so fast my brain couldn’t comprehend it but the weightless return back up to the bridge was an incredible feeling that I will never forget.

Unfortunately, my bungee cord was very twisted which meant at the end of my jump I was left spinning in the river canyon until they came down to hook on to me and winch me back up to the bridge. While I’m happy I did the Vic Falls bungee jump, I much preferred my Bloukrans Bridge bungee jump in South Africa.

Vic Falls Bungee

Whitewater Rafting the Zambezi

I have whitewater rafted in Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Canada and Zimbabwe’s Zambezi remains my favourite whitewater rafting experience.

I visited Victoria Falls in August 2007 which was perfect timing since it was during the ‘low water’ season of July-Feb. The low water season is the most exciting time to raft and many of the rapids are Grade 5 at this time of year. Grade 5 rapids are classified as having “extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops and pressure areas”. Be prepared to get wet – Yeehaw!

Vic Falls Whitewater Rafting
Vic Falls Whitewater Rafting

Victoria Falls Walk

Although seeing Victoria Falls from above is amazing, it is great to walk around at the base too. If you’re planning to take photos remember to bring something to cover your gear as the mist from the falls soaks everything!

Victoria Falls

Sunset Booze Cruise

Sunset booze cruises are very popular along the Zambezi River. Since I was traveling on an overland Drifters tour when I visited Zimbabwe the sunset cruise was part of my tour package.

The best thing about cruising the Zambezi by boat, other than the free booze and sunset, is how close I got to the wildlife. This elephant came to the river shore for water while our boat was only a few meters away. It’s nice to be so close to an elephant without having to worry about being trampled!

Victoria Falls Elephant
Victoria Falls Sunset


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