Sara and I flew to Lalibela from Gondar as the trip by bus usually involves two days of bus travel with an overnight stop somewhere along the way. Lalibela is a small town of 15,000 people, nearly 2,800 meters above sea level, and it is the center of pilgrimage for much of the country due to, Read More

Click HERE to read this post from the beginning. On our third day of the trek, we woke up around 7am in Chenek camp but did not finish breakfast and pack our bags until nearly 9am. I was amazed when I realized our scouts had sat out in the freezing cold all night with, Read More

Click HERE to read this post from the beginning. On the second day of our trek, our entire group was complaining of the cold the night before and I think Sara and I were likely amongst the warmer people in the group thanks to our extra sleeping bags. Fortunately, everyone survived the night (though some would, Read More

The activity I was most looking forward to in Ethiopia was trekking the Simien Mountains. Prior to arriving in Ethiopia I had e-mailed many tour operators and was given a variety of choices for 3-5 days of trekking at prices ranging from US$ 200 – US$ 750. From what I read online, some people, Read More