We Drammin’ Whisky Society 2021 Tastings

Special thanks to The Dram Society for organizing the club. Check out their virtual tastings and events at The Dram Society

Descriptions and photos courtesy of The Whisky Exchange, supplier of whiskies for the We Drammin’ Whisky Society.

New Scoring Criteria

1/10 – Absolute shite. This has no business even being called whisky.

2/10 – Would go a long way to avoid ever drinking this again.

3/10 – Pretty not great. Or astonishingly dull. Either way, no whisky no cry.

4/10 – Some glimmers of hope, but the negatives draw more focus than the positives. Anyone got mixer?

5/10 – Bang average. Not bad. I’d take one for the team, if needed.

6/10 – Pretty good. Worth a glass now and then, but perhaps not one for a special occasion.

7/10 – Very good. If the bottle is under £50, I’d take a punt.

8/10 – Really excellent. Well worth picking up a bottle. If a bottle was under £50, I wouldn’t think twice.

9/10 – Now we’re drammin’. Exceptional stuff.

10/10 – Mind-bendingly brilliant. Whisky almost has no business being this good. An absolute must-taste. Chuck Norris’ piss couldn’t taste this good.

Note: My personal score will include +0.5 if I think it’s good value for the price, -0.5 if I think it’s over-priced, and 0 change if I think it’s fair value (using the GBP price paid by the WDWS for the tasting).

January 2021 – Canadian Whisky

Gooderham & Worts 17 Year Old Little Trinity Three Grain Ltd. Release – 45% ABV – £58 (75cl)

A limited edition Canadian whisky bottled to commemorate the generosity of the distillery’s founder, William Gooderham, who built a church next to his distillery so that his employees didn’t have to pay the ‘pay to pray’ fees charged by churches elsewhere.

Gooderham’s church was called Little Trinity and, fittingly, this whisky is a blend of three grains: corn, rye and wheat. The result is blissful layers of flavour, which range from green apple, menthol and apricot to cinnamon, toffee, oak and juniper. Sinfully good.

My Score: 6.5/10 (-0.5 for what we paid – a solid 7-7.5 in Canada).

My Notes:

Lot 40 Rye – 43% ABV – £32 (70cl)

Another small-batch blend of fine rye whiskies distilled in a small copper pot still, this is a characterful, robust, smoky whisky with a pleasingly sweet palate.

My Score: 6.5/10 (+0.5 for Good Value)

My Notes:

JP Wiser’s Dissertation – 46.1% ABV – £47 (75cl)

The next instalment in JP Wiser’s limited release – and aptly-named – Rare Cask series. A rye-forward profile and a 46.1% ABV provide this whisky a thick, punchy profile full of sweet cereal flavours, rich toffee, plenty of oak spice and big clouds of airy vanilla floating overhead.

My Score: 6.5/10 (-0.5 for what we paid – a solid 7-7.5 in Canada).

My Notes:


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