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Rainbow Mountain Pinterest

Hiking Rainbow Mountain from Cusco, Peru

Rainbow Mountain, actually named Mount Vinicuna, has become one of the most popular day-trip activities from Cusco, Peru. There are hundreds of agencies in Cusco selling trips for the hike, often with overly-saturated photos that greatly misrepresent what Rainbow Mountain actually looks like.

Before hiking, Sara and I read numerous online blog posts and reviews that made the Rainbow Mountain trek sound horrible. People complained of pale colours, huge crowds, long cramped bus rides, altitude sickness, horrible weather, poor guides, and terrible food. We read so many bad reviews that we were very close to skipping the hike altogether.

In this post, I’ll address the negative reviews and provide hints and tips for making your Rainbow Mountain hike experience better. While I can understand why people reported bad experiences hiking Rainbow Mountain, Sara and I both really enjoyed ourselves. If you follow my advice, I can confidently say that hiking Rainbow Mountain is 100% worth it!

Rainbow Mountain Cusco Peru

Rainbow Hat vs. Rainbow Mountain

South Georgia Penguins

Stunning South Georgia

South Georgia is arguably the most stunning place I’ve ever visited for wildlife and photography. Warning: This is a photo-heavy post but it’s worth the bandwidth!

The island of South Georgia is only 165 kilometers long and <35km wide, but it contains incredible mountain landscapes, with peaks up to 2,934M, and shocking quantities of wildlife, including millions of penguins!

Incredibly, I hadn’t heard of South Georgia and the South Shetland Islands until beginning my search for Antarctic cruise options; rather astonishing for a geography nerd like myself!

South Georgia LandscapeStunning South Georgia

Cartagena Doors Pinterest

Would you believe it’s worth traveling to Cartagena just to see the doors on people’s homes?

The bright and colourful doors of Cartagena’s old town perfectly encapsulate the city’s warmth, vibrancy, and long history.  For that reason, this post is a brief photo-essay focused on Cartagena’s stunning doors. Scroll down and skip the reading if you just want pretty photos!

Scroll down and skip the reading if you just want to see pretty photos of doors!