Cadillac Ranch Amarillo

Amarillo, Texas Amarillo is the largest city in the Texas Panhandle and known as the “Yellow Rose of Texas” (Amarillo means yellow in Spanish). Amarillo is also sometimes called Bomb City because it hosts America’s only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. For travelers, Amarillo is best known for the Cadillac Ranch, Route 66, and, Read More

White Sands New Mexico

White Sand Dunes in New Mexico White Sands National Monument is the world’s largest gypsum dunefield making it a unique and beautiful natural wonder. Although I had never heard about White Sands before my girlfriend moved to Odessa, Texas, once I saw photos of the area I knew we had to plan a visit.

White Sands New Mexico

The Scenic Drive from Roswell to White Sands After a night camping and visiting Roswell, NM, Sara and I planned to drive to White Sands National Monument where we would backcountry camp the next evening. Although it is possible to drive directly from Roswell to White Sands via Highway 70 through the Mescalaro Reservation, we decided, Read More

Roswell UFO Crash Roswell is best known for being the alleged crash-site of a UFO in 1947 and, nearly 70 years later, the question of whether a UFO crashed in Roswell or not still greatly influences this quirky town of 50,000. For those not familiar with the Roswell UFO incident, the story began when a rancher discovered, Read More

Carlsbad Caverns’ Caves Carlsbad Caverns National Park, in the southeast of New Mexico, contains over 119 caves. Three caves are open to public tours run by the National Park Service with Carlsbad Caverns being the most famous and developed with electric lights, paved trails, and elevators. Slaughter Canyon Cave and Spider Cave are undeveloped but accessible on designated paths, Read More

Guadalupe Mountains National Park Guadalupe Mountains National Park was established as a National Park on September 30, 1972. Guadalupe National Park is the world’s premier example of a fossil reef from the Permian Era and is one of the few protected areas surrounding the huge Permian Basin oilfields of West Texas making it an interesting place, Read More

Click HERE to Read from the Beginning. 14. New York After having no interest in visiting New York for a number of years due to my perception of it being a large and unfriendly city, I finally made a trip there and was very pleasantly surprised. I have always enjoyed smaller towns and villages and, Read More

Day 4 My fourth day in New York began nice and slowly, just how I like it when I’m on holiday. In the afternoon I made my way to the American Museum of Natural History in the afternoon. I was really looking forward to seeing the museum, but was rather disappointed overall. The entrance, Read More

Day 2 After finally getting some rest after what had been an action packed and restless 48 hours, I was ready to set out on the town with Sarah. Luckily, Sarah was able to take Sunday off of work and so we headed to a coffee shop called “Joe the Art of Coffee” for another pour-over. It, Read More