Click HERE to Read from the Beginning 9. Road Trip to Victoria and Hiking the West Coast Trail and Juan de Fuca Trail Summers in Canada are wonderful and I made the most of July/August in 2010 when I completed a road trip with buddies from Calgary to Vancouver Island and then hiked the, Read More

Click HERE to Read from the Beginning. 14. New York After having no interest in visiting New York for a number of years due to my perception of it being a large and unfriendly city, I finally made a trip there and was very pleasantly surprised. I have always enjoyed smaller towns and villages and, Read More

After having lived in Dubai for most of 2011 and traveling through Dubai almost monthly while I working in Yemen, I decided it was finally time to see what the other Emirates had to offer. I have spent lots of time in Dubai and Abu Dhabi over the years, but had only briefly visited, Read More

I have had the pleasure of routinely traveling through Dubai since 2002 and also lived / worked there for much of 2011, so I have quite a bit of experience with the city. Unfortunately, even though I have spent a lot of time in Dubai, I have only scratched the surface of all that the, Read More

On my way back to work from Bahrain, I decided to take a 2 night stopover to see and experience as much of Doha as I could. Doha is not really a backpacker destination, but still offers some interesting sights and is perfectly suited for stopovers. When I arrived in Doha for my planned visit,, Read More

When I arrived in Bahrain, I was absolutely exhausted. I was supposed to arrive the evening prior, but instead touched down at 08:00 after a number of airline issues and an unexpected layover in Doha where I only managed a few hours of sleep. When I finally got to my hotel, the Holiday Inn, Read More

Remember those Choose You Own Adventure books where you could make one of two choices and depending on the choice the book would take you on a different journey? I believe the same holds true for every choice made while traveling and maintain that having a positive outlook will usually result in the best, Read More