Click here to read the things I learned in my 20s from the beginning 15. Staying “Current” is a Waste of Time In my early 20s, I believed that my knowledge of current events was an important measure of my intelligence or that it would help lead me to future success. I would ensure I read, Read More

My 20s were epic. Going through the numbers reminded me just how much I was able to accomplish in a decade, especially a decade where I was just beginning to work and save money. 311 Commercial Flights 3 Commercial Flights Missed 1 Piece of Checked Bag Lost (Later Recovered) 962,566 Kilometers (598,111 Miles) on, Read More

Remember those Choose You Own Adventure books where you could make one of two choices and depending on the choice the book would take you on a different journey? I believe the same holds true for every choice made while traveling and maintain that having a positive outlook will usually result in the best, Read More

Some people tell me about the places they want to go again and again but never seem to actually plan to do it. The first thing I usually ask is “why haven’t you done it already?” or “why don’t you go soon?”  to which they often respond with a variety of trivial excuses. I’m, Read More

Ever since I was a teenager forced to take a “Career and Life Management” class I have focused on setting goals by creating a list of 50 things I want to do before I die. Essentially, it is just a list of my current dreams, goals, and life objectives. I post it in my, Read More