Read about my Tasmania Campervan trip from the Beginning. After visiting Port Arthur in the morning, Sara and I drove our campervan to Freycinet National Park. On the way, we picked up supplies, including Tasmanian salmon, Tasmanian wallaby mince, and a bottle of Tasmanian Sauvignon Blanc (clearly after local flavours) and stopped for a delicious scallop pie, Read More

Read about my Tasmania Campervan trip from the Beginning. Our campervan road trip continued from Russell Falls on to Hobart where my primary objective was to sample beers at the Cascade Brewery and climb Mount Wellington. I had heard many great things about MONA, Tasmania’s museum of old and new art, but I did not, Read More

I had originally planned to spend three days in Dublin, but because I spent an extra day in Belfast (due to having such a great time there) I only had a weekend. I took a bus from Belfast to Dublin and it was a surprisingly cheap and easy to cross the border from Northern, Read More

Everything I had read about Dunedin made it out to be an ugly industrial town, but I was somewhat excited to visit it since I had not visited Dunedin or the South Eastern coast on my previous trip to New Zealand. The drive to Dunedin from Mount Cook was nearly four hours, but thankfully, Read More

We arrived in Gondar after a 3 hour mini bus ride from Bahar Dar. We had organized the bus from Bahar Dar with a group of people we had met at our hotel, so we were able to have the mini bus pick us up at the hotel in the morning and the cost, Read More