I have now done two road trips through New Zealand’s South Island, each for approximately 3 weeks. The South Island of New Zealand is incredible and although I would not consider myself an expert, I have learned a lot over my trips and have summarized the main things you need to know to plan your, Read More

The drive from Hokitika to Arthur’s Pass proved wonderful as we were able to watch the scenery change from coastal rain forest to rocky mountains as we traveled West to East. There were a number of amazing bridges and avalanche tunnels that we had to drive through on the way to Arthur’s Pass as, Read More

The drive from Wanaka to Franz Josef was probably the longest drive of the trip so we set out early in the morning. The roads were generally quite twisty and slow and it took over 5 hours to make the 287 km drive, not counting our many stops along the way. Our first stop, Read More

Wanaka was my favourite town during my October 2010 trip so I was really looking forward to visiting again in April 2014. Since we were driving from Queenstown, I also wanted to stop in Arrowtown on the way as it had been a beautiful stop on my first trip. The drive between Queenstown and Wanaka, Read More

After enjoying a delicious breakfast in Te Anau, which we enjoyed at a picnic table with a beautiful lakeview, we set out for Queenstown. The drive from Te Anau to Queenstown is only 2 hours, but it features great mountain and lake views much of the way making it a spectacular drive.

Te Anau is a funny place for me. It is a nice little town, with a beautiful lake, but I have only ever stayed there because it makes for a convenient jumping point to Milford Sound.

Knowing we had a long drive ahead of us to Milford Sound from Colac Bay, after a quick breakfast we set out towards Lake Manapouri, stopping in Colac Bay for a few photos on the way. It was a beautiful day outside and we were looking forward to making the most of it by, Read More

The Catlins are the hilly, forested, and sparsely populated part of Southeastern New Zealand. I had not visited the eastern Southland on my first trip to New Zealand but my brother highly recommended the region, saying it was one of his favourite areas of the South Island, so Sara and I made sure to visit it, Read More

Everything I had read about Dunedin made it out to be an ugly industrial town, but I was somewhat excited to visit it since I had not visited Dunedin or the South Eastern coast on my previous trip to New Zealand. The drive to Dunedin from Mount Cook was nearly four hours, but thankfully, Read More