My 20s by the Numbers

My 20s were epic. Going through the numbers reminded me just how much I was able to accomplish in a decade, especially a decade where I was just beginning to work and save money.

311 Commercial Flights

3 Commercial Flights Missed

1 Piece of Checked Bag Lost (Later Recovered)

962,566 Kilometers (598,111 Miles) on Commercial Flights

24+ Times Around the World Equivalent

2.5+ Times to the Moon Equivalent

1 Actual Around the World (RTW) Itinerary

54.8 Days (1315 Hours) in the Air

103 Unique Airports

41 Airlines Flown

78 Out of 196 Countries (193 UN + Kosovo, Vatican, Taiwan)

98 of 324 Travelers Century Club Countries

6 Continents Traveled

4 Passports Filled

1 Passport Lost

3 Residencies (Canada, Yemen, UAE)

4 Cars Owned

3 Weddings

4 Oktoberfests in Munich

220+ Kilometers per Hour Driven on the Autobahn

2 Hostel Bunk Bed Falls

2 Nights Sleeping in the Streets Due to No Hostel Availability

8 Trips to Thailand

1 Terrorist Attack

7665 Kilometer Road Trip to the Arctic Circle

4,400 Kilometer Long Weekend Road Trip to Vegas

4 Countries Scuba Dived

117 Kilometers Hiked on the Vancouver Island

216 Meter Bloukran’s Bridge Bungee Jump

111 Meter Victoria Bungee Jump

15,000 Foot Abel Tasman Sky Dive

19,341 Summit of Kilimanjaro

3 Comments on “My 20s by the Numbers”

  1. Love this! How amazing that you’ve gotten to see so many places in such a short period of time- and on someone else’s dime, no less 🙂

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