Cologne City Guide I visited Cologne twice during my stay in Aachen; the first visit was an afternoon stop on my way back to Aachen from Bonn and the second was a day trip for the famous Cologne Carnival celebration. Although I didn’t get to spend as much time in Cologne as I would have liked, this, Read More

3 Weeks in West Germany Aachen, Germany, is not typically a tourist destination, but in February 2012 I spent 3 weeks in west Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia to be exact, visiting my friend Clarissa, whom I had met in Paris the previous fall. Clarissa was attending medical school at Aachen University and I was busy finishing, Read More

Canillo Andorra

Why I Wanted to Visit Andorra After spending a month in the French Riviera, it was time for me to make a day trip to Andorra. Andorra has interested me for a long time and I even researched becoming a resident for the mountains, skiing, and tax haven status. Unfortunately, the EU pressured Andorra into implementing, Read More