Setting Goals: 50 Things to Do Before I Die

Ever since I was a teenager forced to take a “Career and Life Management” (CALM) class I have focused on setting goals by creating a list of 50 things I want to do before I die.

Essentially, it is just a list of my current dreams, goals, and life objectives. I post it in my room and office and try to look at it as often as possible, reminding me of all those things that I’m working towards. It’s too easy to get caught up in a routine or let daily life dictate how I live my life, and I find that by setting goals in writing I am better able to manage my life to reach them. Every few years I like to revisit my goals, add new items to replace those I’ve completed, and ensure my goals are still relevant to my ever-changing world view.

Previous Goals (Nov. 2013)

Incomplete / Complete / No Longer a Goal


  1. Learn Spanish
  2. Learn to Play Guitar
  3. Learn to Fly a Plane
  4. Learn to Sail a Boat
  5. Obtain Divemaster Certification


  1. Start my Own Business
  2. Write a Book
  3. Produce an Adventure / Travel Movie
  4. Design & Build a House or Cabin
  5. Big 3 of 1000+ (Squat / Deadlift / Bench)
  6. Bench 315+
  7. Attend an NFL Game
  8. Attend a NCAA March Madness Game
  9. Golf a PGA Tournament Course
  10. Brew a Great Beer
  11. Outdoor Mountain Climb
  12. Icefall Climb
  13. Overnight Camp in an Igloo
  14. Go Deep Sea Fishing
  15. Heli Ski
  16. Ski / Ride a 50+ Day Season
  17. Grow a Garden
  18. Rescue / Train an Epic Dog


  1. Ski in Japan
  2. Ski in Chile
  3. Dive the Great Blue Hole in Belize
  4. Dive Wrecks in Truk, Philippines
  5. Dive the Great Barrier Reef
  6. Train Martial Arts Daily for 1+ Month
  7. Visit Antarctica
  8. Trans-Mongolian Railway
  9. Visit Easter Island
  10. Visit Socotra Island
  11. See Angel Falls in Venezuela
  12. See Tiger Temple in Bhutan
  13. Boat to St. Helena
  14. Bike Tour Across a Continent
  15. Hike in Greenland
  16. Hike the Akshayuk Pass
  17. World’s Most Dangerous Hike (Mt. Huashan, China)
  18. Around the World Flight
  19. Trek in Nepal
  20. See Polar Bears in the Wild
  21. Northern Lights from the Arctic Circle
  22. Hike in Patagonia
  23. North American Road Trip (in a Muscle Car)
  24. Camp in Svalbard
  25. Climb a Volcano in the Congo
  26. 6+ Month Trip with S.O.
  27. Visit Every Country in the World (196)

New Relationship Travel Goals (May 2019)

  1. Travel to India. Hike Himalayas. Panong Lakes, Leh, Lamayuru Monastery, Srinagar, Nagaland, Assam, Sikkim
  2. Two-year van trip through North America
  3. Visit Myanmar
  4. Cape Town to Jo’burg via Victoria Falls Trip
  5. Faroe Islands Camping
  6. Norway Hike

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